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Tough Mudder 2022 - REDR

There was snow, rain, strong winds, and sunshine. It could only mean one thing – an outdoor British event was taking place.!

Once again, Conneely staff decided to swap the laptops and tools for some oversized obstacles, freezing water and electric shocks all in the name of teambuilding and charity in the Tough Mudder series.

The charity we competed for were RedR who act to ensure disaster-prone communities are resilient by giving them practical life-saving skills, advice and support, which help them prepare for, respond to and recover from natural disasters and conflicts. We have so far raised over £4k towards this fantastic charity – a big THANK YOU to all those that donated.

The team managed to stick together throughout the event to ensure we got through all the gruelling obstacles – the bruises, aches and pains speak volumes of the efforts put in by all!

If you wish to donate to the cause, please use the link below:

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