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Balfour Beatty



Eastwick & Sweetwater


Contract Value
£7.5 Million

Construction of 283 apartments across six 5 storey blocks. Construction also included 19 townhouses, retail units and hospitality facilities.


This project was different to our usual projects as it was constructed in a Metek frame, all manufactured off site and installed onsite panellised.


This made the project challenging from a construction and procurement point of view, as we were delivering to Balfour Beatty's fast track programme.


The Metek Soffits required 100mm Rockwool Insulation throughout the 302 units with resilient bar fixed at 600 centres, 2 layers of 15mm Fireline, boarded with a fire/smoke tape finish.


Due to the vast quantity of material needed the logistic strategy had to be carefully planned and executed working collaboratively with Balfour Beatty's logistic department.


Our logistics plan was the foundation to complete our construction programme on time, delivering 1st & 2nd fix tape and jointing at an excellent standard delivery exceptional quality.



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